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Lim Kin Song (Rockworth) - Value destroying Worst ever CEO I am currently an employee of Rockworth Capital Partners. Having the benefit to compare Rockworth with a couple of my previous employers, my prognosis is this firm is on its way to a disastrous end. It is unfortunate that a company with so much potential , supported by its financially strong shareholder and talented employees is heading for a train wreck. The root of this cancer lies with its top leadership - the current CEO Lim Kin Song. This man is definitely taking on the responsibilities beyond his capability and capacity. He does not have the vision, charisma and people management skills to lead the firm. I observed that throughout his tenure as CEO, he has consistently destroyed harmony and relationships among his senior management team. In 2017, Kin Song fell out with the co-founder of Rockworth, Su Kiat, who subsequently left to establish another investment platform, Firmus, ironically sponsored by the same shareholder of Rockworth. Su Kiat was instrumental in building up the AUM of Rockworth, and had also on several occasions, saved Kin Song from his disastrous asset management of the portfolio. Over the past one year, I noticed that Kin Song's relationships broke down with 4 out of 5 Heads of Departments. He has unilaterally not communicated with his 4 HODs for months. How on earth is the CEO running his business in this manner puzzles me. Kin Song operates the firm in silos, resulting in little synergies. Lacking a sense of confidence and security, he surrounds himself with "Yes" men in his inner circle, currently consisting of 2 persons: Head of Acquisitions (Charmaine) and a junior manager in Capital Markets/Business Development (Malcolm). Incidentally, Malcolm was Kin Song's informant at Firmus, and when he was exposed as a traitor, Kin Song hired him. All in all, I just cannot figure out how Rockworth will progressively grow under Kin Song's leadership. Kin Song has passed his shelve life as CEO. He is not smart and has lost the respect among majority of his current and former employees. It is better for Kin Song to vacate the CEO seat and retire for the sake of the shareholder and employees. We certainly need a better CEO.

Posted on: 10/18/2019 4:58:09 PM
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