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Emcee Richel Xie behind Dreamgirl Singapore runs prostitution ring Richel Xie – the man behind DreamGirlSG and a host of similar pageants claiming to “empower women” – is in reality using these events to groom young girls to have paid sex with a client base maintained by Mr Xie. This shocking allegation is made by two former contestants who claim to have been hired as “social escorts” by Xie. They were expected to attend parties in hotel suites and on board yachts where they would be obliged to offer full sexual services in return for an up-front payment in the region of $800 -$1500. The girls would receive a portion of the cash with the rest going directly to Xie. The girls have chosen to speak out now due to differences with Mr Xie and a wish to prevent more young and hopeful contestants from falling for Xie’s persuasive character. To back up their claim, the girls offer screenshots of Whatsapp conversations and of a notorious sex forum called Sammyboyforum which indicate Xie’s vice activities date back to at least 2008. Mr Richel Xie’s activities appear to mirror those of Mr Nicholas Kwek who was jailed for 9 months in 2015 for running a social escort agency.

Posted on: 11/5/2018 6:50:15 AM
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