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The Married Homewrecker Whore and Slut, Kang Puay Ju started more blogs on Wordpress to fix her shameless acts!! 1 blog is about education - what can she wrote about this topic? Prostitution? Break up family? How to be a married cunt? How to spread her legs apart? Or how she likes to suck men cock?? Another blog is about family? Preposterous for a slutty married whore to write about education and family!! How dare a CUNT and WHORE like her, who destroyed my marriage and family write about these topics??? The cunt thinks she can redeem herself and save her image?? Cunt and Whore!! The Whore Singapore ID S7614202E. The whore lives around Paya Lebar with her cheating bastard husband Peter Wittendorp and young son! The whore works in Aberdeen Asset Singapore!!

Posted on: 9/14/2016 11:37:14 PM
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