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This woman, Puay Ju Kang had an affair with my ex-husband since 2013. She is married with a young son, but that didn’t stop her from seducing my ex-husband David. I found out about them in mid 2014 and confronted my ex. He promised to stop seeing her and he did for a few months. I thought that was the end and I had my ex back and my family intact until I accidentally read one of the messages the shameless bitch home wrecker sent to my ex. She said she missed him and couldn’t wait for him to have his dick inside her. She said she was willing to leave her useless husband in 1 year time. I couldn’t believe what I read. I confronted my ex bastard husband and he admitted that they picked up where they left off. And my ex bastard husband confessed that he loved her and she loved him. She works in Aberdeen Asset Singapore as Head of Property. Previously she worked in GIC. She was educated in Oxford University but it didn’t stop her from being a shameless home wrecker. She is married with a young son, but that didn’t stop her from destroying my happy family. My ex-bastard husband was to blame as well. She has a blog and in her posts she tries to portray herself as an outstanding human being! I saw her almost daily as we work in the same location and I couldn’t stand her evil looking eyes! A hypocrite shameless bitch!! A black hearted woman!! Highly educated with loose morale. She destroys my young children happiness and my marriage. Pretending to be the victim and acted like she did nothing wrong. I beg her to leave my ex alone, but she told me she loves the bastard. A home wrecker who tries to portray herself as a good woman. Do not understand how an esteem organisation like Aberdeen would hire a shameless home wrecker like her. I see her daily and it makes me sick. Reading her hypocrisy on her blog makes me sick to my stomach. My children crying for their dad every night. How could she committed such an act as a married woman and pretended she is the innocent one? International slut! Evil eyes! Ugly fat shameless woman. Kang Puay Ju — Singapore, Singapore her twitter account @puay_ju ; Facebook – Puay Ju Kang

Posted on: 7/14/2016 1:40:48 PM
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