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This is from last Fall. Helped a family friend's daughter move to college, almost 5 hours from where I, and my hot older sister, lives (was her friend's kid). So, bunch of us got a hotel room to stay the night. The four of us went to the hotel bar that night, after a long day of driving and moving the kid in. Get back to the room, and, since the other 2 were married, I slept in the same bed with hot sister, at her, and, the couple's, insistence. They had no idea of our sexual activities with each other, and didn't want me sleeping on the floor. We didn't have sex, but, not ten minutes after lights-out, my sister rolled to my side and sunk her long-nailed hand into my shorts, whispering "this is for all the work you did today", proceeding to pull and stroke my item, under the covers and not 5 feet from the other couple, making me rock-hard and causing an eventual eruption. We messed around a bit after, assured they were sleeping, which they were. Next morning, we're at breakfast and still touching each other, in fun but flirty, and the woman said "I think it's wonderful how you two get along..Big sister, younger brother". My sister gave an aww, thanks, and gave me a quick-lipped kiss. The woman thought that was so nice and said "my son would never be that affectionate towards his sister". Little did she know how close we really are!

Posted on: 1/23/2016 2:54:26 PM
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