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I was that girl on here who confessed abt sex ting with my dad. I'm back now with another confession. We carried out a bf GF relationship for 4 months and 3 months I was living with him. Everyday.. We had amazing sex. Even though he cam early each time... I still never had better sex. I made a decision 2 visit other relatives in another province due to the complications of my younger step brother. After the first week away my babe and I started to become distant. He grew sour with me.. And it broke my heart. Anyways. Something was telling me I had 2 look at his fb profile, he haD messaged one close relative of mines EX. Calling her beautiful and he wanted to hook up. This ISN'T THE FIRST TIME HE'S DONE SOMETHING STUPID ENOUGH TO CRUSH ME AND BRING ME 2 TEARS. (the first time he's said something stupid is when he was talking abt how "tight" my aubtw cunt was and how my mom was an amazing fuck) not 2 mention in his search query he had looked up numerous dating singles sites. We spoke he laughed he denied it all. We broke up.. now I'm in a new relationship ?? feels good to get this off my chest too! ?

Posted on: 1/28/2015 10:51:59 PM
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