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I Have dealt with sex addiction for most of my adult life .I am 30 yrs old and to cut a very long confession short after a heavy drinking session one night I ended up in my mom's room she was also drunk and we ended up having sex .I have since learnt a lot about my mom . my sex addiction comes from her side of the family and that her appetite for men is out of control she trawls websites when my fathers at work or confession is the more I find out the more I am turned on to the point where I am taking days off work organising men to service her in front of me as I masturbate and wait for my mom is truly nothing more than a depository for men and most of my close devious friends have done her .I love my mom very much but my own desires want to see her as a man;s toy my father is completely oblivious and naive so him finding out is probably highly unlikely we live in a large town so its easy to hide what's going on.

Posted on: 1/6/2015 9:44:43 PM
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