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I have a crush on this girl in my class and I don`t know how to talk to her, and I think she likes me but I am considered a `big nerd` in my comprehensive, but I love her so...

Posted on: 6/11/2011 9:11:34 AM
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An user anonymously says:

Comment: I feel the same way about a guy that's considered a 'big nerd' ... I'm quiet popular and dieing for the day he gets the hint and asks me out. Don't wait, it might get to late.

An user anonymously says:

Comment: If she truly likes you, she'll like you even though you're considered a "big nerd". If she rejects you just because you're considered a "big nerd", she's not worth it. And if you never take a chance to ask her out, you'll never know the truth. You'll be left in the dark, never knowing if you could've had a chance. I know what that feels like, and trust me, It's even worst than being rejected. I speak of experience.

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