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My mom left me on my grandmothers doorstep when i was three. since then its been just me and dad. and i like it that way. but after dads divorce hes become an alcoholic. this happened in 2001. today he was so drunk he passed out hit his head on the toilet and went into seizures. hes currently recieved detox from a local hospital. how do i tell him if he doesnt stop its going to be just him. and not him and me. i cant undergo this stress anymore. i cant keep being the friend with the drunk dad. im freakin 20. im so ashamed. i know im grateful he showed up to all my plays. all my games. all that stuff when i was in school. he always showed up drunk though. i want my dad back. this isnt him. my dad remembers an hour later why i came to visit him. hes been in rehab several times. probley more times than i can count on both fingers. and evertime he comes out he goes right back to drinking. and thats all he does. he cant hold a job. he still lives with my grandmother. hes lost everything he had. he used ot be my idol. he was a 6 figure a year man. had a nice house. lots of land. and now... hes stuck in the back bedroom of his mothers house drinking beer. the last time i saw his bedroom i couldnt see the floor. its like hes hoarding beer cans. it makes me so sad to see him like this. i try to encourage him. i tell him im always here for him. i dont know what else to do. if he comes out of this treatment and goes right back to his old self im not going to be able to deal with the pain.

Posted on: 6/3/2010 8:24:32 PM
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